2022 Dates

    Safety Town is offered at 4 school sites throughout the summer. Foothill School is the Main Site, offering 5 weekly sessions, and there are 3 other Community Sites, which offer 1-2 week sessions, depending on the particular site.  Hardcopy applications for Foothill, El Camino, and Isla Vista schools may be downloaded from this website on the Applications page, or picked up at Goleta Union School District school offices. Scholarship applications are available.

Registration Process:

    Please note that the registration process between Foothill School, (our Main Site), and the Community Sites is different.

Foothill School:

     Hardcopy applications are available, but you may also register online by clicking on the Foothill Registration link on the Applications page. You may register for no more than         2 children.

Community School Sites:

    For Community sites, registration is processed through hard copy applications.  Registration is processed through hard copy applications. The completed applications can be mailed to the address listed on the form, or dropped off at the school offices.

Foothill School:  To Be Determined

711 Ribera Dr., Goleta

Session 1:   

Session 2: 

Session 3:

Session 4: 

Session 5: 

Carpinteria Children's ProjectTo Be Determined
5201 8th St, Carpinteria,

                Session 1: 

El Camino School:  To Be Determined
5020 San Simeon Dr., SB 

             Session 1: 

Isla Vista School:  To Be Determined
6875 El Colegio Rd., Goleta

             Session 1: 
             Session 2: 

Parent/Guardian must attend orientation meeting                                  on Monday of scheduled session.

** Shorter holiday week, with extended hours so campers will enjoy all of the same camp experiences.

Please be aware, Safety Town of Santa Barbara County reserves the right to cancel sessions dependent upon enrollment. If this occurs, you will be notified approx. one month prior to beginning session date to revise your session selection, if space permits.