1. What is your Disciplinary Policy?

      For the protection and well being of all participants, students must be able to follow simple instructions. Inappropriate behavior and/or negative language and attitude may be grounds for dismissal from the program. A warning will first be issued, followed by removal from activity if negative behavior persists. Dependent upon the nature of the behavior, parents will be notified to discuss appropriate measures and possible dismissal of their child from Safety Town. The Safety Town staff and Safety Town of Santa Barbara County reserve the right to make appropriate adjustments and/or dismiss any student for behavior that poses a safety risk to themselves or others.

    2.  What is your Cancellation Policy?

      For Foothill School, refunds will only be made if we can fill your child’s space with another child. A $25 cancellation fee will be charged. Please direct questions regarding cancellations at Foothill School to Jo at (805) 245-5882 or email [email protected]. For cancellations at other school sites, please contact that specific school site director. No refunds will be made for dismissal due to disciplinary issues or withdrawal due to homesickness.

    3.  What's the difference between Community Sites vs. Main Site?

      Safety Town is offered at 4 different locations in Goleta and Carpinteria. It originally started at La Colina Jr. High years ago, but it became apparent that the program needed to be expanded as community needs grew. Foothill School is our main Safety Town School site. It offers five choices of weekly sessions.

      For the past 18 years, Safety Town has also been offered at other schools within Santa Barbara County.  Grant funding enabled  the expansion of the program to these community sites to better meet the growing need for safety education to higher risk children in other local areas. To meet grant guidelines, we offer full tuition scholarships to those who qualify. This does not apply to the Foothill School location.

      The curriculum and costs if child is not of full scholarship are exactly the same at all school sites. The community visitors are from the same organizations, (fire, police, Red Cross, etc.) The daily schedules and activities are identical. Our parents are surveyed at the end of each session, and the evaluations are extremely positive at all school sites. The differences lie in the location of the school site, the layout of the school, the teachers, and the session dates. Some teachers work at multiple school sites. All staff members are qualified, experienced educators. Some parents choose a session based on location, their summer schedule dates, where their child's friends are attending, or a combination of these factors to best meet the needs of their family.

       Applications for these sites are available at those school offices, or by email, [email protected].

    4.  How do I know if my child is ready?

      To be eligible to attend, children must turn 5 years old by Sept. 1, 2020, and be enrolled in
       kindergarten or first grade in the fall. Please give careful consideration when determining the readiness of your child to attend the Safety Town program. The positive, least distractive, learning environment is fast-paced, and transitions occur every half hour. It is very important that your child be emotionally and socially capable and willing to participate. Children should be able to separate from parents, in addition to being able and to independently take care of their personal toilet needs.
    5.  My child has special needs, what's your policy?

      Children who require a 1:1(one-to-one aide) presently or who require extra support as determined by directors, will also required to have an aide during the program, provided by the parents. Transitioning from one activity to another occurs about 8-10 times daily, within the 3 ½ hour day. Please consider how large groups, high noise levels and numerous transitions may affect your child.

    6.  Can I make a grouping request?

      We will no longer accept grouping requests. Our goal is to instruct all students in a positive, least distractive learning environment.

    7.  How old do I need to be to apply to become a Counselor -In-Training(CIT) volunteer?

      Volunteer applicants must be entering 9th grade, eligible for community service hoursand must be mature to apply. Directors reserve the right to dismiss volunteers due to immaturity, inappropriateness, and/or noncompliance.

    8.  When and how do I apply to be a Counselor-In-Training?

      In March, applications are available at local high school counselor and career center offices, or can be downloaded underneath the "Applications" tab. Completed applications must be mailed to the address listed on the form, and positions are filled according to experience, qualifications, and age to ensure balance of groupings.

    9. Can I attend an orientation at a different school site if I cannot attend the one at the school where I am planning on performing my volunteer service?

      Yes. It is best to attend the orientation at the school site where you will volunteer, but if you are unavailable that day, you may attend an orientation at another school site. The general information is the same, but each school site layout is different.

    10.  I sent in my application before the deadline, but was not given a volunteer position. Why?

      We have limited positions available at each site. You must apply early and give alternate choices to have a better chance of receiving a volunteer spot. Also, Safety Town of Santa Barbara County reserves the right to deny an application based on prior noncompliance and/or negative behavior, as outlined in the volunteer agreement.

    11.  How do I earn community service hours?

      If you have graduated from the 8th grade or above, you must bring a community service form from your school to the CIT Director where you will perform your volunteer service. At the end of your service, the CIT Director will return the form to you with the amount of completed hours and the required authorized signature. It is your responsibility to bring the completed form to your school office for credit

    12. What if my child has allergies and might require an EpiPen or has specific medical needs?

       If a medication must be taken during the Safety Town program day, it is necessary in accordance with California Education Code Section 49423, to have a written statement on file. Education Code requires that ALL medications, prescription and over-the- counter must have a completed statement from BOTH the physician AND parent/guardian BEFORE they can be administered. Click HERE to download form.