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How can continuing families register a new student?

          If registering a sibling of a previous participant,  after choosing your session for enrollment select "View or Change Your Existing Registration." Before entering you password, click "Start A New Registration." Using your previous email you will be provided a blank registration form. Otherwise use a new email address. 

How do I reset my lost password?               
Returning families with eligible students are now able to access past accounts. To retrieve lost passwords, enter session you’d like to register attendee. Upon signing into session form click View or Change Your Existing Registration.  After entering email address continue to Forgot Your Password.
Please note that the password reset email will only be valid for 12 hours.
What does it mean when a credit card has been declined?

            In the event of a declined credit card payment, your registration will not be finalized until payment is received.

            Ensure that you first double-check this information against what your bank has on record. The issue with the information that your bank checks this information against, or the verification system may be temporarily malfunctioning. Contact your bank if the issue persists or mail completed application to address listed on registration form, along with check.

Reason a card can be declined
  • RegOnline self-populates billing address with the address to teach attendee on page 1. Double Check the billing information on the online registration payment page.
  • The card may have reached the overall credit limit or daily limit.
  • The card is debit-only.
  • The card is a company card, which may have restrictions on use, such as retail. RegOnline falls into the ‘online services vendor’ classification.
Unable to update Childs' RegOnline information?

Profiles are "locked" the Thursday prior to your sessions start date. This allow our staff time to print and prepare required materials to provide the best experience for you and your child. Safety Town staff can change/add information Monday morning during check-in. 

During registration I’ve forgotten to add a family member to the list for authorized pick-up list. How can I add their name?

Please visit with Safety Town staff on-site Monday morning during check–in to add family member or babysitter.

Other support questions for RegPack please contact:
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