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“Both teachers and counselors were wonderful and as a parent I appreciated how well structured and organized Safety Town was.  This made the transition easier”        Harding 2015

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 "We appreciated the impressive variety of safety topics, handouts that inspired us as a family to discuss the topics, interactivity of the program.  A truly remarkable program that he loved." Foothill 2015

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"The most helpful part of the program was having our daughter exposed to the services and opportunities in our community."      El Camino 2015

"Honestly, as a parent, I felt very secure with the program. The check in/out process was organized and the site was well protected."          Carpinteria 2015 

"We found all parts of the program to be incredibly valuable, but if we had to pick one aspect, we’d say the overall awareness of different scenarios i.e. the variety and scope covered." Isla Vista 2015


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"I did this program as a kid and even though we don’t live here, I thought it was valuable enough that I sent my daughter to it." Foothill 


Safety Town Press Releases:

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"The songs are helpful, it helps my son remember things more.  He has been telling me what he has been learning - like when to call 911."      Isla Vista 2015


"I found the Stranger Danger program and the good touch/bad touch discussion to be the most helpful.  Both were very well presented and very approachable for 5 year olds.  I also appreciate how curriculum-based, yet still fun and accessible for the 5 year old child.  It was a perfect meshing of both academic and free form."         Foothill 2015


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"The CALM presentation.  It is a difficult conversation to have with my child.  I appreciate the Intro." Isla Vista 2015


"Additional observations:  1] Very impressed!  Well structured and organized, 2]Student volunteers were great, 3}  Excellent communication with parents and clear expectations.  Thank you!" Foothill 

"My child and niece loved your program. They both completed kindergarten and are going into first grade.  Thank you so much.  It was an excellent program. They loved the CITs and staff." Carpinteria 



"Loves every Safety bit of the Safety Curriculum;  “Riding the cars, meeting Smokey the Bear, seeing the police officers, learning phone number and address, CALM presentation of ‘good touch-bad touch, MTD safety ride, etc. etc..  Continue your program.  Well done!"    Isla Vista 2015

"My four year old love it.  She shared lots of stuff she learned and was excited to meet new people everyday."     Harding 2015

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"Six of my Eight boys have attended this camp.  For our family, now living in Utah, it is a must.  The last two boys will be here soon!  Thank you!"  Isla Vista 2015


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"Really loved the CITs - they made the transitions so much smoother  I noticed it wasn’t just my child struggling to say good bye to me for the first morning, and her C.I.T. were so sensitive to her fear and so helpful in building excitement for the day and trust that everything would be fun.  Thank you!" Isla Vista 2015


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"My child loved the actual Safety Town set up, the counselors were exceptional too as were the teachers.  Safety Town exceeded my expectations." El Camino