The Safety Town Program

Our Mission

Safety Town of Santa Barbara County provides a quality, comprehensive, safety education program for pre- and post-kindergarten children -- regardless of a family’s ability to pay for services -- to teach them vital skills to last a lifetime.

Our Vision

Safety Town's program will empower young children to make safe choices at home, in school, and in their communities.

Parent at Carpinteria site

I found everything valuable, especially the street and disaster (fire/earthquake) lessons. I loved that the children were engaged in lessons and had quality experiences all camp day!

Parent at Foothill site

Loved the small student:teen ratio. Loved the clear and safe drop off and pick up system. Felt very comfortable dropping my student off daily. Thanks for a great week.

Parent at El Camino site

Todo es muy valioso para los niños y nuestras familias-- en especial, las hojas de información para padres. Everything is very beneficial for the children and our families-- specifically, the parent information handouts.

Our Program

The Safety Town program provides instruction of vital safety concepts, developmentally age-appropriate activities, hands-on learning, and visits from community professionals to implement the learning process in a fun, positive environment. Safety Town gives children the tools to develop and build a foundation of safety knowledge and awareness, empowering them to make safe choices now and in the future.

Under the guidance of credentialed teachers, support staff, and youth volunteers, children experience and practice their lessons in “Safety Town,” our signature outdoor classroom designed as a miniature town built to the scale of a small child, - complete with streets, sidewalks, and working traffic signals. Through engaging lessons and hands-on learning activities, songs, craft projects, and guest visits, the Safety Town program teaches students to evaluate safe from unsafe situations in a controlled environment. During each 3.5 hour daily, 5-day session, students learn about pedestrian, earthquake, fire, bicycle, 9-1-1, beach and pool, stranger, playground, home, and personal safety.

Community safety professionals, including law enforcement, firefighters, Smokey Bear and forest rangers, paramedics, water safety professionals, and Personal Safety speaker (MA Clinical Psychology), visit and make presentations at Safety Town each session. The program also includes one off-site field trip on a city bus reserved for Safety Town campers and staff only. During their busy week, children will learn how to safely cross the street, follow traffic signals, dial 9-1-1 and other valuable safety concepts through role play and interactive lessons.

Safety Town of Santa Barbara County is a 501(c)(3) independent nonprofit educational organization.

Our federal tax I.D. number: 77-0050993